3 Points why my clients get high-end results!
Written by Anthony Doc on Sep. 25th 2020
A lot of my friends always ask how do I perform these high standard transformations, especially with new clients who are completely different from your last". I simply tell them It's a gift or shake it off, I don't like to get into deep detail after working hours if you get my drift... But I'm willing to dot down just 3 points that are within my trainings that give my clients high-end results.

1. goals
Our goals determine our destination for my clients to reach high end results - In the early process of my program, I place goals out for  my clients to set a new standard of where my client should be once we complete a week or the entire program... Goals is a huge point required in my work, especially for my clients to know our new standards to reach. Our results are high because our goals and standards are high, and that's what keeps my clients accountable everyday when we apply the daily training or skills to achieve the daily goal!

2. commitments
My program revolves around commitment for my clients to reach high end results - When we first begin the first segment of the program, we start right off with making commitments and promises to ensure that the result we get out of the program are depended on my clients thirst to want the best results. A lot of my people believe my job is to do all the work for my clients and they receive the instant results, but it's far from the truth. Me and my client both work together inter-locked to build this transformation door. This transformation doesn't work if I'm putting 100% and my client is only commenting 15% towards our goals. We won't reach it, and my client won't be satisfied because their wondering why we never made it that far from where we started off from! Commitment within my program always holds accountability within me and my clients trust and process...

3. Baby steps
Baby steps is what I require for my clients to reach high end results - Now point one was goals!! But we can't jump to it from being at the start. It's similar to someone starting off at a gym, If you start off with a trainer - they'll ask you what's your goal to reach whether its a body type or a weight range. The trainer will start you off with some small weights and test where your boundaries are and how flexible you are. Once he has an idea - He'll map out a huge plan and eating routine to reach your desired goal. and those planning and routines are similar to the baby steps I take my clients on. A lot of people fail at reaching goals because they get caught up thinking about the goal rather than how are they gonna get there! NOW WE'VE GOT OUR GOAL.... now my clients reach their high end results because my program has steps and planning of how we'll reach our goal and each week we build using our steps and plan to know exactly what's the next thing to complete in order to get closer to our main goal!

Anthony Doc

Anthony Doc helps people escape their daily suffering of loneliness. He is an expert at helping people get transformation results by using methods and trainings to escape that loneliness through fulfilment. If you're interested in seeing what your life could potentially be like, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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