Friends? A little bit about my story..
Written by Anthony Doc on May. 4th 2019
Do you have many friends? If so, Then you know how valuable they are. Some people have always had friends around them and don't not understand the true value of people you can call up and hang with when ever you choose too. We take advantage of our friends around us and we don't realise it until we've lost them... People you call friends is truely a gift to have. 1 out of 5 people live LIFE never having friends,

Friends are very important for your mental health, and valuable to help you learn more about yourself and to mature as a human being. Having good friends, you'll learn a lot about people including yourself and you can tend to grow and mature with self reflection and sharing information among each other. Friendship is a commitment you have to make, in order to bond and form a friendship with that individual - you have to involve a lot of time and investing, to build a friendship. The value of true friends is priceless... A quote from Robin Williams: "I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone." In some situations - Friends are really everything to some people, They fear being alone or not valued, they either need a spouse with them or a friend. When I was younger myself, I wasn't really good company for people because I seemed to doll or to boring people wanted to be my friend but not hang out with me... Now you may think what the heck, Because I had the same thought. Ever since then, I always wonder why am I "DOLL" and what exactly about me is wrong with me? It tore me to shreds time by time and I began falling apart my family began to notice - So I started to take classes, read books and watch YouTube to find out how I can change and better my self. After a few weeks or months I watched so many videos and classes and read tons of books, I then tried to put them into action and realised my social communication and interaction was dim and lost. So I had to learn and act out how I'd interact with strangers again and use my practice and skills I had learnt the previous weeks. After a few months of practicing and procrastinating, I finally built up courage to trial and error my work and try to truely find friends and fill the hole that I craved... A few weeks went by and It took some time, I finally met some awesome people who appreciate me and are people I can call friends. I've known them for the past 4 - 5 months and we hang out now and then and a lot on the weekends. If you relate to the early stage of my story and suffer with the lack of skills and interaction, Click Free Case Study and you'll be redirected to a free case study discussing further on the skills and practice I took to meet my awesome friends, and how I constructed a friendship and continued to stay in contact to build what was priceless and will be a long life friendship we have.

Anthony Doc

Anthony Doc helps people escape their daily suffering of loneliness. He is an expert at helping people get transformation results by using methods and trainings to escape that loneliness through fulfilment. If you're interested in seeing what your life could potentially be like, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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