Effects loneliness has on peoples well-being
Written by Anthony Doc on Oct. 12th 2019
For the past year, I've worked beside all sorts - Different sex, Different ages, different cultures. It's majestic the stories I hear from arrange of different people. Listening to different people tell their story - explaining their life, work, school, etc. A lot of their situations are normally not all the same. I can't share names or stories because of privacy policy, But I can tell you a few heavy effects loneliness has on peoples well-being. I'll discuss  3 effects that have occurred with previous clients and how dangerous It can become if it isn't treated....

1. Mental state
When I mention mental state - I'm talking about depression, Anxiety, and suicide. I've just mentioned a few sickness that have major effects on your life performance. Depression is a huge one which is a common outcome for a lot of people who've suffered with loneliness.... Due to the feeling of being alone, not having someone to talk too, not feeling valued, Addictions, etc... These sicknesses ain't a joke, People have declined my services and came back further down the road looking worst than the first time I talked to them on the phone. Depression is serious and If you don't invest in yourself, It's hard to tell what could happen or occur... Being alone has a huge impact on your mental state that you could lose your mind being alone and not having anyone to have on speed dial, It's shocking! Don't lose yourself to loneliness and let depression creep into your mind because I can guarantee you that, you'll never notice it until you're actually suffering and losing your self. 

2. Physical Action's
Loneliness is a chain-reaction to multiple outcomes and physical actions is one of them. You may not be a violent person or first to use actions to get your point across, but It can occur without realising. Human beings are made to interact and love one each other. We aren't made to live alone, or spend life alone... It's unbearable, and not a common route for people to jump on too. Living in loneliness is definitely a struggle I've found and a lot of clients who are calm and impulsive are usually the more explosive people to physically explode and use physical actions to get a point across. Having lived in loneliness and always done things your own way with out others going against you, long enough your mind and thoughts tend to just get sick of all the thoughts going against your own which isn't normal for your brain, you just get sick of all the doubts and want to remove them from being an input and only having your own. This effect is more accruable in submissive people, until they get tired of everything and break - leading to certain outcomes or sometimes physical actions. 

3. Confidence
Your confidence is hugely impacted after living in loneliness with quite some time. But it is only the start of an even bigger chain reaction to occur if you don't escape it sooner. Confidence might not sound like much to some, but that one word alone has deeper meaning behind it. Once your confidence is impacted you really don't notice it, until you actually go to interact with a person and realise it's really uncomfortable and sometimes difficult to bypass when it's been so long . Confidence in this text means a lot of things - Physical, mental, Standing up for yourself, communication, interaction, walking out in public, talking to the opposite sex.... This is a huge problem that has a chain-reaction with other areas of your life. Such as, a lot of men who are age 30+ and are wanting wives and kids before they become too old to have these things, but confidence is one of many things preventing them from achieving this goal. It's difficult to achieve when they've lost confidence mentally, physically and commutation wise. I've heard many men cry because they fear not achieving this fulfilment in life, and are willing to commit their all to make ends meet - and it's a huger reason why they take this program to transform their life - before it's too late!! This is just one example of how confidence can affect you as an adult male trying to achieve the same intentions as my previous clients.... My Tip, Take an opportunity before its to late and that goal is unattainable!

Anthony Doc

Anthony Doc helps people escape their daily suffering of loneliness. He is an expert at helping people get transformation results by using methods and trainings to escape that loneliness through fulfilment. If you're interested in seeing what your life could potentially be like, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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